Tips on Under Floor Heating

Under floor heating is often given little attention, considering that most people think of heating their homes with radiators, fireplaces, or whole house heating units. However, the reality is that under floor heating has been around for ages, but has really been modernized and is practical and effective as well as cost effective.

In the past, slow radiators were used to warm up a home. Although this was effective on a purely minute-to-minute basis, this method was slow and often led to cold spots in the living room. The difficulty in generating heat through slow radiators, aside from this, was the fact they required more energy to be effective and this ultimately led to a higher cost output. The heat generated from the radiator would rise up, but these currents of warm air would block the circulation of air around the room. This is how radiators came to be described as heat sinks, and over time this blocking of circulation would lead to damp, cold spots.

In today’s environmentally aware and energy conscious world, the underfloor heating systems can be a great alternative. As a result, the popularity of this type of heating is growing rapidly across the world. Once installed, the underfloor heating systems will give you many years of effective, reliable warming of your home. Think about what you could save over the years, as well as what you would have to give up from your daily activities.

When considering this type of heating system, you need to know about the options and their installation process in order to be able to make a good decision. The professional installers that specialize in the installation of electrical under floor heating systems are able to do the installation in a very short period of time. There are basically two different types of systems. The heated water method employs pipes that run under the floor where the water is either heated by a boiler or a direct means. These systems use special pumps that will be installed into the floor of your home. This helps to produce the radiant heat that you will find comfortable. By being placed in the sub floor, the systems also provide a level of safety that may not be thought necessary. 

The other option is a system that works with electricity which is a more modern method that is desired for homes that run off of solar power. This includes the use of thermostats that are designed with the use of electric heating elements. These systems can be used for just about any type of flooring in your home. This includes carpeting, tile flooring, wood flooring or vinyl. It also works well for custom designed flooring that is tailored to the exact desires of the owner. There will be a cost associated with this type of system, and you will find that this system will have some sort of cost in between the cost of installing an electric system and the cost of installing a water based heat system.

Whichever is used, the advantages of underfloor heating is that you will have complete control over your energy use and the temperature of the home. There are many different advantages to an underfloor heating system, most people that consider having this system realize this is a good way to make your home more appealing. Think about what else you can do in a home to make it more comfortable and inviting, it may be just what you need to get your home to that level without breaking the budget.